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Lakefront Arena

Built for a cost of $38 million, Lakefront Arena opened its doorson Nov. 26, 1983, and has been the home of both Privateers men's and women's basketball for all but two of the past 32 seasons. In the past, the arena has also been the home venue for Privateers swimming and diving, as well as Privateers volleyball.

Configured for Privateers basketball Lakefront Arena has 8,701 theatre style seats, along with 84 chairback seatsfor the Courtside Krewe, for an official capacity of 8,785.

Coming into the 2014-15 athletic year, both men's and women's basketball had each played 380 games at the "friendly confines" with the men winning 289 games, and the women winning 283 games. Combined, both teams have won just over three-quarters of the games played by New Orleans student-athletes on Corchiani Court.

Following major damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the arena reopened in 2008 after undergoing over $20 million dollars of renovations. The arena received state-of-the-art hurricane proof exterior paneling and, along with completely resurfaced exterior ramps. Improvements inside the arena, included brand new seats, a new basketball court, redone locker rooms, a multimedia room, brand new lighting and sound systems, and state-of-the-art weight rooms and training facilities for Privateers student-athletes.

Further improvements came during the summer of 2013 when high-definition videoboards in each endzone, alongwith LED ribbon board panels around the center ring of the arena were installed by Daktronics, enhancing the gameday experience for fans. Following the 2014 Sun Belt Conference tournament, brand new goals and shot clocks were installed as well.

The arena is also home to the UNO Aquatic Center. Hosting high school, and other swim meets frequently, the Aquatic Center features an Olympic sized swimming pool, swimming locker rooms and a sauna. During the summer of 1997 a 50-meter swimming pool was added next to the arena which can be used by the general UNO population as well as for swim meets hosted by the Aquatic Center.

Lakefront Arena is not only a great athletic venue, but is regarded as one of the finest concert venues in the country. Lakefront Arena is routinely ranked as a Top Stop for a venue its size and as a university venue. Configured for concerts, Lakefront Arena can seat anywhere from 1,500 to over 10,000 with parking spots available for around 4,000 cars. Besides annually hosting popular events such as Disney on Ice, the arena has a long history of hosting major concerts with shows ranging from Madonna to Demi Lovato to James Taylor and even Pope John Paul II over the last 30-plus years.